How to Choose a Good Plumber?

How do you choose the right plumber?

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A very usual problem faced by all homeowners is plumbing emergencies. On top of that sometimes we make the mistake of choosing an inefficient plumber in that hurry, without doing any research. You must always have the number of a good plumber before the occurrence of any emergency plumbing Tacoma situation. These situations always catch us by surprise and when it comes to emergency plumbers, finding a good one is very important. You should always consider certain points while choosing a plumber to get the job done properly in the first time.

Points to remember while choosing a good plumber

Like any other private contractors, they should be certified and have license – You must check the license of the plumbing service provider before hiring him. Wrong or inadequate plumbing is dangerous for the occupants of the house. The license of plumbing is attained only after passing a major test for which one has to study for years. So, always check the license of the plumber in the website as well as in person to make sure they are capable enough to handle the plumbing emergency.

Proper Liability insurance

Check whether the service provider which you are hiring has a liability insurance. You can just ask the plumbing service provider to show the copy of liability insurance or you can check it on their site. It insures the house owner regarding all plumbing work, in case things go wrong or the plumbing company dissolves or goes out of business. To safeguard your finances ask them to for the proof of liability insurance which comes with a certificate containing their name and other details. Insurance is important for any industry expert working on your home. We recommend the same for duct cleaning companies.

The employees should be insured

One more thing which you should always check before hiring is that the workers are adequately insured. It is also called workers compensation. Plumbing involves working with dangerous tools and toxic materials which can be a health risk. If the employees are not insured, in case of an accident in your property, you will have to pay their hospital bills. Ask each and every worker to show the copy of their insurance policy before hiring them


There is absolutely no point in calling a plumber service that does not offer emergency services, twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week. Ask for their working hours and select the one that provides service all the time. Also, hire plumbers who are located closest to your house to make sure they can come quickly in case of an emergency. One more thing you should always check is that if they provide proper customer support like email service, voice mail service and phone service since it is important to contact them as quickly as possible in times of emergencies. The charges are usually high at night or during weekends.

Reviews and Feedbacks

Before hiring a plumber always check the feedbacks and reviews of the previous customers. Yelp is a great site to check customer reviews but Better Business Bureau is a more reliable source for feedbacks. No one is perfect, so a couple of bad review should not be a huge factor but make sure most of the reviews are good.


Whether you are responding to an emergency, preparing yourself for future events, or planning to get a new plumbing fitting installed in your house, do proper research before choosing one. Money is not the only thing you should consider in times like these. Take time, be thorough and get the job done properly.