Building a Swimming Pool in Easy Steps

What is required to build a swimming pool?

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Building a swimming pool in one’s backyard can be great fun and use; for the families to be together or just to go for fun exercises. Many will agree that it is possibly a very easy building project. However, there are always pool builders; a team of professional and experienced people who build different kinds of swimming pools. Pool builders are those who understand and specialize in the process of pool construction and remodeling. understands the need for a proper engineering and construction of the installation of swimming pool; whether one is considering a geometric or freeform, small or large pool designs, and irrespective of it being on a flat ground or on a side of a hill.

Steps to build a pool

In most cities, one cannot just build their own swimming pools and only a licensed and certified builder can build one because the pools have to be some code and standards. The pool builders are hired to build, reconstruct or remodel the swimming pool. Following are the steps that one can expect from the process of swimming pool building.

  • Designing: One has to start designing the pool, either by himself or some expert. Designing the swimming pool is the first and foremost task that one should start with. The most important factors to be considered while deciding the design are the shape, color, and depth. One more thing that should be remembered is that complex designs will cost more as compared to simple designs.
  • Permit: In order to get a valid permit, one should contact a contractor who will help him/her in the application, of the swimming pool, with his/her local city. One might also need to apply for the pool with the association of the local homeowner because not every neighborhood allow swimming pools. The contractor may be capable of doing both these things, provided the contractor is both qualified and experienced. Also remember, in few areas swimming pools are charged with certain taxes.
  • Evacuation: One can rent or lease the required equipment needed for construction and start digging out the planned area, planned for the pool.
  • Grading: One should grade the ground along with the place where the pool’s bottom will be made. This will help in putting the floor and building walls.
  • Framing: One should start building in or putting the walls, after grading the land. Usually, it starts with the walls being framed with metal rebar and wood. One should ensure that the lines and walls are even & in line. Additional areas like gazebos may require weatherization as well.
  • Plumbing: One should go for a plumber who is licensed and experienced to add in necessary plumbing for that swimming pool. One must create the system of supply & filtration that will meet that area’s code.
  • Electricity: One should bring an electrician in order to run the power if there is a requirement for filtration system and lights.
  • Pouring the floor: One should make sure that the floor’s angle is even or according to the planned depth variation.
  • Walls: The walls are usually made from poured concrete or cinder block. A perfect liner is also required to stop the leeching out of the water and to use as a moisture barrier.
  • Filling: This is the final step that involves filling up the swimming pool.